Essential gear for every adventure

Essential gear for every adventure

Pack along the essentials... including your bandana!

When you think of bandanas, you might envision them as trendy hair accessories or fashion statements. However, in the backcountry, bandanas serve a much more important purpose. They are essential gear that every outdoor enthusiast should have in their backpack. Let's explore our top 25 uses for Backcountry Bandanas. 

25 Uses for Backcountry Bandanas

  1. Headwear: Keep hair out of your face with style! 
  2. Neck Cooler: Dip in water and wear around your neck for instant cooling.
  3. Sweatband: Wipe away sweat during intense activities.
  4. Dust Mask: Shield your face from dust and debris on windy trails.
  5. Sun Protection: Wrap around your face and neck to prevent sunburn.
  6. First Aid Sling: Create an improvised sling for minor injuries.
  7. First Aid Bandage: In emergency situations, use your bandana as an extra bandage to apply secure sterile dressing from your first aid kit.
  8. Pot Holder: Safely handle hot cookware or utensils.
  9. Signal Flag: Attract attention by waving a brightly coloured bandana.
  10. Coarse Water Filtration: Filter debris from water before purification.
  11. Trail Marker: Tie onto branches to mark your path in unfamiliar territory.
  12. Strainer: Use it to strain water when camp cooking pasta and veggies.
  13. Emergency Cord or Lashing: Tear into strips for makeshift cordage in emergencies.
  14. Carry Sack: Bundle small items or gather wild edibles.
  15. Prevent Blisters or Chaffing: Wrap around your feet or backpack straps to prevent friction and blisters.
  16. Eye Mask: Cover your eyes for better sleep during bright mornings in the tent.
  17. Warming hands and ears: Tie into a headband to cover your ears and keep them warm, or wrap around your hand if it's a little chilly to grab your hiking pole in the mornings.
  18. Towel: Dry off after swimming or wipe down gear.
  19. Heating/Cooling Cloth: Wrap around a hot water bottle or fill with snow to provide some comfort on the trail.
  20. Bug Protection: Drape over your head and neck to keep insects away or give those buggers a bandana whip!
  21. Cleaning Glasses: Our soft polyester microfibre is perfect for keeping glasses and goggles clean in the outdoors.
  22. Napkin or Bib: Keep camp cooking classy by using your bandana as a napkin, or wrap it around your toddler as a makeshift bib.
  23. Privacy: A large bandana works well for a nursing cover if you prefer a little privacy on the trail. Two large bandanas can be tied together make a skirt for changing. 
  24. Washcloth: Use your bandana for washing and bathing with a touch of biodegradable soap.
  25. Meditation Cloth: Create a peaceful spot by spreading your bandana out for sitting.

A lot of possibilities from one beautiful square of fabric!

Our bandanas are made of a soft, microfibre polyester. So unlike cotton bandanas, they are quick to dry and breathable against your skin! They are also gentle if you need to clean your glasses or goggles along the trail. Plus they offer UPF50+ sun protection if you need to cover your neck or head.

So, next time you head out on an adventure, don't forget to pack a bandana in your backpack. It might just become your most valuable and versatile piece of gear.

Go grab the bandana of your dreams and pack up for your next adventure!

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