Our Bandanas

Bandana Features

Breathable and moisture-wicking material

Bandanas are made with a soft microfibre polyester that wicks away sweat and keeps you dry (65% recycled material and 35% new).

Lightweight and soft to the touch

Not only are bandanas soft on your skin, our microfibre is perfect for cleaning glasses and goggles too!

UPF50+ protection

Use your bandana to shield yourself from the sun on hot days. Your bandana offers good protection and can be tucked into a baseball hat or tied as a head cover.

Beautiful, practical designs

Desires feature beautiful mountain wildflowers or handy information like cribbage tracks, chord charts, or wildlife guides.

Custom made

Bandanas are made to order by our supplier which means you may have to wait a little longer for your bandana to arrive, but it helps us avoid overproduction and give you so many more options for sizes and styles.

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