Commissioning artwork is your opportunity to request a custom landscape painting. We’ll work together to come up with a painting that honours your vision and space. Read on to learn more about the commission process.

“A thorough and professional process. Abby worked with me both to get a hard concept as well as the feel I wanted from the piece. She checked in with me at multiple points to make sure things were on the right track and was responsive to feedback. I love my ‘Wandering Woodlands’!” -Alexis

Start planning

Decisions, decisions. Here are some things to consider before we connect:

  1. The subject. What are we painting? Many commissions honour a special place or memory. In addition to where, think about when – what season and time of day would best capture your special place?

  2. The wall. Where will the painting hang in your home? If you have a spot in mind, a certain size or colour palette may work best to fit the space.

  3. The budget. Pricing is based on size. Commissions are higher than my regular studio work due to the extra time and consultation involved. I price based on $2.00/square inch with a minimum of $1000, including tax and shipping in North America.

    Here are some commonly requested sizes and prices to give you a starting point.
Size Price
24 x 18 $1000.00
18 x 36 $1300.00
24 x 30 $1440.00
24 x 36 $1720.00
24 x 48 $2300.00
36 x 48 $3450.00

Almost any size is possible, and I can advise on standard canvas sizes as these are easiest for framing in the future. If I need to build and stretch a custom size, then there will be a $200 surcharge.

Commission Process

  1. Connecting  contact me with your idea. Let me know the general subject, size, and main colours you’d like to see in the painting. If you have any reference photos, include them! I’ll provide you with a quote (including shipping) and estimated timeline. If we’re good to go, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required prior to starting. We’ll also sign a commission agreement to make it official!

  2. Design stage – I will design your painting and send you a compositional sketch and colour study for sign-off. This is your chance to request major changes.
    • What are major changes? Big things that determine the overall composition and colour palette of the painting, such as moving mountains, changing the colour of the sky, adding wildlife, or suddenly going from fall to winter.

  3. Painting stage – I paint away in my studio for a few weeks.

  4. Final Touches – the painting is almost done! I will send you photos and this is your chance to request minor changes.
    • What are minor changes? Small adjustments that don’t affect the overall composition and colour palette, such as adding a bit more snow on the distant mountains, softening the reflections on the water, turning off the light in the cabin, or adding a few more stars to the night sky.
    • If you feel major changes are required, these will be billed at a rate of $50/hour. If we can’t work out a way to resolve your painting, your deposit will be converted into a gift certificate and you may put it towards another original painting from my studio work.

  5. Delivery – once the painting is complete, I’ll send you a photo of the final piece. The remaining 50% of the cost is due before delivery or shipping. The final painting will be varnished with hanging hardware installed on the back.

"I so enjoyed the excitement of the commission process. From early discussions to the finished pieces- the continued connection throughout felt comfortable and inclusive. What a pleasure it has been to see our pieces come to fruition via Abby’s talented hand! Thank you!" -Jess

“I think that you have to really love a painters past works before you ask them to paint you something.  You need to know their strengths, and yours is definitely landscapes, and more so mountains (in our opinion).  You must trust the artist, and know it is their interpretation of your idea or how they see/saw the landscape.  It may give you a different view of that landscape, through their eyes.  

We are truly in awe of what you have created for us, from our first conversation and one picture, you captured 1000% what we envisioned. We feel truly honoured to have an Abby Wilson original.” -Amber