Your bandana is custom made, here's how it works!

Your bandana is custom made, here's how it works!

Backcountry Bandanas use a manufacturing model called "Print on Demand" (PoD). That means your bandana is made shortly after you order it, then shipped straight to you!

What is Print on Demand Manufacturing?

Print on demand manufacturing is a revolutionary approach to producing common goods like t-shirts, pillow cases, tote bags... and bandanas! Instead of mass-producing bandanas and storing them in a warehouse, print on demand allows us to print and sew in small batches, working with printers close to you when possible. Your bandana is made to order!

Benefits of Print on Demand

Print on demand manufacturing offers several benefits compared to traditional manufacturing methods:

  • Reduced Waste: With print on demand, there is no excess inventory or wasted materials. Bandanas are only produced as they are ordered, minimizing the amount of unused products that end up in landfills.
  • Printed close to home: Some manufacturers have a large network of printers in many countries, which means they can print and sew products as close to the customer as possible. That cuts down on shipping costs and time. We currently use two printers here at Backcountry Bandanas - our bandanas are made in either Mexico or Latvia, whichever is closest to you.
  • Flexibility: Print on demand enables bandana designs to be easily modified or updated. This flexibility allows us to offer so many more designs and sizes without taking on the inventory risk of having thousands of bandanas stored in a warehouse - there is something for everyone!

Now there are some drawbacks too! Because our bandanas are made-to-order, they cost a little more, especially if you're just ordering one.

But overall, print on demand allows us to be a more flexible, sustainable business. Offering you lots of designs, plenty of sizes, and avoiding bringing huge amounts of stuff into our world until it's really needed. 

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