Local Business Program

Are you a local West Kootenay business or AirBnb owner interested in brightening your space with local artwork? Are you keen to support local artists? I have 3 options for ways we can work together. Contact me if any of these options interest you.

1. Print Discounts

I offer my most generous 25% discount to local businesses on any fine art prints. You can chose your favourite painting and keep it forever as a print, on stretched canvas or textured art paper. All I ask in exchange for the discount is that you display a little “By local artist Abby Wilson” card somewhere nearby your print.

2. Art Rental

If you’d like to display a rotation of original pieces, I offer an art rental program. You can choose any of my available originals. The rental cost is 5% of the retail price per month, minimum 3 months. The rental cost includes delivery and installation within the Nelson area, as well as insurance if the painting is damaged. At any time during the rental period, you can purchase the original painting and have rental fees deducted from the retail price.

3. Commission or Referral Agreement

If you feel that your regular customers fit the same profile of avid art collectors, and that you have the space to display, light, and insure original artwork, let’s talk further! Perhaps you’d like to represent my work and be an active sales partner? In that case, I’d be happy to put my original artwork up on your walls and give you at least a 35% commission on sales.

What about the “traditional arrangement”?

The “traditional arrangement” with emerging artists is that the artist puts her artwork up on your walls for free, in hopes of exposure. If her painting sells, the artist keeps 100% of the proceeds and in the meantime you and your customers get to enjoy local art. It sounds like a win-win, right?

The problem is that when artists accept the “traditional arrangement”, we spread our original paintings over many locations, volunteering our time doing delivery and installation, and usually taking on the risk if our work is damaged. We’re fundamentally getting paid in exposure. If a painting sells, then great – maybe it was worth it! But if it doesn’t sell, then we’re out of luck. And it’s much harder to sell artwork in more unconventional venues.

For many years, I’ve put my work up in venues “for free” but as I’ve become more established, I’m now offering the above options. I deeply appreciate that when you’re offering me the “traditional arrangement” your intentions are in the right place – you do want to support the arts and share your love of artwork with your customers and community! I also appreciate that the “traditional arrangement” is the way many artists get started sharing their work – no judgement if this works best for you! But truly the best way to support me (and many of us artists) is to pay for our work.

And hey! If you think you really can help me sell my paintings, then I’d love to pay you instead.